The Impys
Brand and communications
The event that celebrates the best creations made in Dreams was due for a fourth reprise, a challenge that involved reinventing its language and finding a new exciting direction. Together with designer Harry Flanagan we created a new iteration for the Impys brand, key visuals and supporting assets to amplify the communications of the event.

Although the Impys logotype remained the same as previous years, we found a distinctive treatment for the different assets that would also act as a common thread between brand elements. Isometric views, print and offset textures and a very colourful palette brought the brand to a more modern realm compared to earlier editions. The 3D look was a nod to the digital nature of the creations made in Dreams and the developers behind them.︎︎︎

The typographic system was a big support for the general brand language. We found a very unique treatment that would allow us to create bold and powerful visuals with a few decorative elements and a solid background, while remaining recognisable and expressive. Like in previous years, the Impys statue became the star of the show and the touchstone for all the brand motifs. ︎︎︎

The elements from the Key Art (seen at the top of this page) could be stripped down to create atractive layouts, like this Stream Schedule that Harry created for the event plans on Twitch.
Having a wide array of illustrations helped us reinforce some of the communications we had in mind for the ‘23 Impys. 

For the live event and social media posts we created a lower third system that could also work as a celebratory image for Nominees and Winners. The mix between the illustrations, the typographic system and the colour palette allowed us to achieve a very high level of expression and make every Dreams creation feel unique. ︎︎︎

The illustration system we developed helped us have a high quality pool of resources for secondary assets and pictograms that would also be included in the game, like these icons developed in collaboration with Harry.︎︎︎

Thank you!

If you liked this Impys brand, I recommend revisiting the previous iterations from past years, seen below.

Miguel Sanz
Graphic player