Brand and communications
Dreamscom (short for Dreams Community Showcase) is a yearly game event in Dreams made in collaboration with the community. We designed a virtual space for creators to showcase their upcoming creations, with teasers, trailers and demos.

The visuals are inspired from 90s tech conventions and arcades, with shapes resembling the thumbnails from the Dreams UI and a colourful palette built with four base purples and four contrast accents.

During the Dreamscom week, Media Molecule held multiple Twitch streams with development tips and announcements, just like in a real world games event.︎︎︎

Several graphics were needed like this showfloor guide, to serve as a map and directory for the hundreds of creators participating.

Thank you!

If you liked this event brand, check out my work for the Halloween event in Dreams or the Impy awards.

Miguel Sanz
Graphic player