All Hallows’ Dreams
Brand and communications
Our Halloween event in Dreams consisted of a Haunted House made in collaboration with the community. I did the graphic art direction for the event, creating an array of assets to bring the house to life.

The palette needed to convey the same attributes as the logo: stay true to the Halloween spirit but not be too scary, and respect the Dreams visual language.
Five colours finally were selected: Dark night, zombie brains, pumpkin spice, cerumen and skull.

The key art for the event was based on a sketch that my colleague Theo (artist at Mm) made for the house. I created this illustration that encapsulated the atmosphere of the event and was perfect for communications and banners.

A staple in graphic design from the 80’s, ITC Korinna could be found in the cover of a Stephen King novel or the titles of a horror TV show. It helped to bring the whole design together and add a Halloween flavour.

I had the chance to make a few concept sketches for new imp designs that would be given away as part of the event.

Illustrated by Theo, we created this boot image to welcome you when you start playing Dreams during the Halloween season.

To help players locate their room and other people’s submissions, this guide served as a directory for the Dreams haunted house.

Thank you!

If you liked this event brand, check out my work for Dreamscom or the Impy awards.

Miguel Sanz
Graphic player