DreamsCom ‘21
Brand and communications
The 2021 edition of DreamsCom was, as with other reprised events in Dreams, bigger and better. Creators could showcase their upcoming creations in a completely new showfloor designed by Media Molecule, along with a livestream show with trailers and announcements.

To promote the event this year I expanded some of the brand assets to make it feel more real, like a real world games convention.
And stickers are a must.

Another classic at game events are customised lanyards and identity cards, so we couldn’t miss out on that. I did the design and had the privilege of getting it replicated in-game by our Lead Designer John Beech.

This year we had the opportunity to experiment with the environment design, and therefore extend the DreamsCom brand to other areas of the game. This was thanks to the good craft of Jamie Breeze and Rhys Herron on the level design and Theo Hayne on the environment art.

I designed some apparel for Dreams that we had available for everyone (with their in-game counterpart too).

Thank you!

If you liked this event brand, check out the work I did for the DreamsCom issue of The Impsider Magazine.
You can also visit the work I did last year for the original DreamsCom event.

Miguel Sanz
Graphic player