The Impsider
Brand and graphic design
The place where players can find the best reviews, interviews and behind-the-scenes stories about the latest happening in Dreams. As part of the new editorial vision captained by Jen Simpkins, I was tasked to make the new brand and identity for any publication that’s made under its umbrella.

With a strong editorial and print character, some concept posters helped us define the tone of voice and the visual style that we wanted to achieve.

Articles are colour coded depending on which section of our publication they belong to. We have pink for Impsider Access (covering Mm content), purple for Dreamviews and aquamarine for Community interviews.
One of our biggest projects so far has been the special Dreamscom issue of The Impsider magazine, where we covered our 2021 Dreamscom event and dedicated in-depth articles to many of the new projects being announced by our community members.

The full issue can be downloaded for free from the InDreams webpage.

Thank you!


If you liked the identity work for The Impsider, check out the design I made for the original Dreamscom.

Miguel Sanz
Graphic player